Friday, October 3, 2014

Art Journal Composite

Composite of art journal sketches from
Plein air September 2014
It was great to explore a new palette and new plein air techniques under the excellent tutelage of Helen Walter and Keith Thirgood

The Wilson Street Studio palette included the following transparent colours:
  • Hansa Yellow Medium PY73 WARM 
  • Napthol Red Light PR9 WARM 
  • Quinacridone Magenta PR122 COOL 
  • Indanthrene Blue PB60 WARM 
  • Phthalo Blue green shade PB15 COOL 
  • Burnt Umber PBr7 WARM 
  • Phthalo Green yellow shade PG36 COOL 
  • Titanium White 
The "new" Liquitex heavy body palette, my "old" Winsor and Newton palette
and the "Real Color Wheel"

You can read more about the "New, practical, artist's colour theory" 
at the Wilson Street Studio blog
for an explanation on the Real Color Wheel (RCG)

Major Lesson #1: You can't mix the perfect colour

The blue square in the red picture is the same colour
as the red square in the green picture.
Courtesy of James Gurney.
The surrounding colours trick the human eye
into incorrect interpretation of colour. 

Pieces A/B/C are the same colour. 

Major Lesson #2: Learn to Master Your Greys

We experimented with three grey formulas: Titanium white added to:

Burnt Umber PBr7 + Indanthrene Blue PB60 
Quinacridone Magenta PR122 + Phthalo Green yellow shade PG36 
Napthol Red Light PR9 +  Phthalo Green yellow shade PG36 

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