Thursday, April 14, 2016

Daily Sketch: The Canadian Museum of History

Sketch #2: Grand Hall
Thursday evening I attended a free lecture given by Gunnar Anderson, (Senior Curator at The Swedish History Museum where admission is always free) on the Viking Exhibition at the Canadian Museum of History which ends April 17, 2016.

I also decided to go to the museum early and sketch for the three free hours before the lecture started at 7 pm .

Sketch #3: Grand Hall

Sketch #3: Detail

Notes On Free Admission: Every Thursday from 4 to 8 p.m. admission to the Museum of History is free. The Canadian Museum of History also offers free admission to all Aboriginal peoples, including Inuit, Métis and First Nations, upon presentation of  their Status Card.

And the Canadian Museum of History loves artists and welcomes artists who want to visit on the free nights to sketch! If you have a Thursday evening free, grab your sketch kit and head over to Gatineau, Quebec.

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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Todays Daily Sketch

"The colours of spring emerge with the first sweet sounds of song birds to fill our winter weary souls, bringing hope, new beginnings, and inspiration."

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Today's Daily Sketch

Quick sketch of 310 Cooper St., Ottawa

Today's quick sketch is of this beautiful brick house located on Cooper St. in Centretown, Ottawa. Built some time around 1874, it is surrounded by cobblestones - something seldom seen here in Ottawa.

The building located at 310 Cooper Street was designated under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act in 1984. (Source: City of Ottawa)

I really like the picture of the property with a tree in the front (now long gone).

The Heritage Ottawa Newsletter for 1984 describes a bit of a challenge in securing the heritage designation. I am so glad that heritage status was eventually achieved. 310 Cooper is a lovely little charmer and a joy to sketch

Source: Ottawa Heritage Newsletter: January/February 1984

Friday, April 8, 2016

Daily Sketch: Art Is Something Else

Today's daily sketch of Robert Genn
Today's sketch was inspired by the Painters Keys weekly email that arrived in my inbox this morning entitled, "Signature Moves". 

The Painters Keys twice-weekly letter began in the winter of 1998 by artist Robert Genn, while on a family sojourn in Southern Spain.
"Robert Genn started with five recipients on his email list – artists he knew might accept an epistolary studio friend. Soon, requests trickled in to be added to the list, and he came to understand the idea of a Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Artists – a worldwide community of creative people with a lot of the same concerns. "
Robert Genn continued to write a letter to artists twice-weekly, non-stop for 15 years.
"In the Fall of 2013, Robert Genn was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and given perhaps a year to live. Along with painting, writing and organizing his archive, he asked his daughter Sara Genn if she would continue the letters for as long as they might be useful. Sara is a full-time, professional painter. who was born and grew up near Vancouver, Canada, but has lived in New York City for the past 12 years."
She agreed. Sara wrote,
"Since then, I have written every other letter, and republished weekly one of Dad’s. He calculated that if we ran all his previous letters once a week, they would last for almost 3 decades. You can read more about this in his letter, “The Bomb,” written on October 25, 2013"

I love receiving these emails in my inbox. I subscribed many years ago when Robert Genn was writing them and I continue to subscribe and enjoy rereading Robert;s republished letters as ell as Sara's like today's "Signature Moves".

If you would like to join the worldwide community of artists from over 115 countries and receive these *FREE* twice-weekly letters, you can subscribe BY CLICKING THIS LINK

 About My Daily Sketch

It was based on a photo of Robert Genn plein air painting at "Shale-splitters" on the Opabin Pass, Yoho National Park (Page 75/116). Photo by Stan Munn.

"Shale-splitters" on the Opabin Pass, Yoho National Park (Page 75/116). Photo by Stan Munn.

This quick sketch was done in pencil and then Daniel Smith's blue apatite genuine watercolour. It's a lovely colour to put down in layered washes and it worked well on the 100% cotton paper that is in my sketchbook.

Source: Website Daniel Smith's blue apatite genuine

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Drawing At The Rooster (#26) Femme Fatale

Last night I attended the monthly "Drawing at the Rooster" event in Ottawa at the Atomic Rooster on Bank St. This open and free event is hosted every month by two Ottawa area artists, Peter Purdy and Rebecca Gilman.
"Drawing at the Rooster is a monthly life drawing event. There are multiple live models (clothed/costumed) that will do a variety of short and long poses. 

Each event has a different theme! Drawing at the Rooster is a no cover event, and is a creative, non-judgmental environment where artists of all skill levels will have an opportunity to practice their life drawing skills.  (Source: DATR facebook)
The evening started a bit late and there were three models for the evening. Each model held poses for two, three, five, ten and twenty minutes in duration.

Below are some photographs of the models and their various poses and some scans of my sketches of the first model of the evening.

Model #1 sketches for the 2 minute & 3 minute poses
Model #1 sketches for the 5 minute and 15 minute poses

Model #1 sketch for the 20 minute pose
Model #3 sketch for the 3 minute pose
Model #2 sketch for the 5 minute pose

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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Two NEW Urban Sketching Events for April and May

Be sure to visit the Ottawa Urban Sketchers blog for details on two new sketching events in Ottawa!

April 17, 2016
 Sketching at the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum 
 (For details click here)
The Buildings of The Experimental Farm
The Spring 2016 New Arrivals at the Experimeental Farm
May, 2016
Let's Sketch the Ottawa Symphony Orchestra! 
(For details click here)
Inside The Music: May 1, 2016

 By Francesc Muñoz Found on Twitter Apr 4, 2016 (used here with permission from the artist)