Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Peace of Wild Things

Plein air underpainting and sketch.
My notes: the "Why?"
(Gesture and value sketches)

"Blessed" (11x14 acrylic on hardboard)
Artist: Cindi Moynahan-Foreman
"When despair for the world grows in me and I wake in the night at the least sound, in fear of what my life and my children's lives may be, I go and lie down where the wood drake rests in his beauty on the water and the great heron feeds. I come into the peace of wild things who do not tax their lives with forethought of grief. I come into the presence of still water. And I feel above me the day-blind stars waiting with their light. For a time I rest in the grace of the world and am free."
 "The Peace of Wild Things," by Wendell Berry.


  1. He is a farmer, poet who lives in Kentucky.

    His website says he "is an American novelist, poet, environmental activist, cultural critic, and farmer. A prolific author, he has written dozens of novels, short stories, poems, and essays."

    I love his writing!!

    He has published more than 40 books.