Friday, June 30, 2017

June Anniversaries

In June 2015 I met an incredible group of Ottawa artists with whom I sketched the alleyways of Ottawa. It was a wonderful summer that culminated in an Alley Art Show during Chinatown Remixed.

In June 2016, I collborated with Jason Cobill and Maxime Gautheire-Kwan and many other artists to create the "Ottawa In Colour" colouring book. We had a book launch at the Chapter store located on Rideau St. in Ottawa. A definite highlight last summer!

Here are my tweets celebrating the anniversaries this week and I am reposting the video "Forgotten Spaces" about our Alley Project 2015.

Ottawa Urban Sketchers - Alley Project 2015 - My tweet

Our "Ottawa In Colour" book launch at Rideau Chapters 2016 - My tweet

And it was awesome to meet up again on June 30, 2017 with Ottawa In Colour creators Jason Cobill and Maxime Gautheire-Kwan in front of Prospero Books on Bank Street in Ottawa and sign a few books for some colouring book fans.

Jason Cobill and Maxime Gautheire-Kwan in front of Prospero Books on Bank Street in Ottawa (Link to my tweet)

Curious about our 2015 Alley Project? 

Enjoy this video made by Ottawa's Justin Nalepa

Sunday, June 25, 2017

June 2017 Report

Finally! The perfect weather for urban sketching and plein air painting has arrived!
In June, there were SO MANY more opportunities for more life drawing (The Atomic Rooster, Art House Cafe and Atelier Denu ) and I managed to organize another sketch event for the Ottawa Urban Sketchers (at Doors Open Ottawa in conjunction with Synapcity's "100 in 1 Day" event).

I am incredibly excited to report that all of the Ottawa Plein Air painting groups have now started up in June as well (David Jones group and an Ottawa East art group)

I personally ventured out to do a lot more urban sketching on my own (Fletcher Wildlife Garden, the Abiwin garden, the Whalesbone on Elgin etc). The month of June being the most inspiring for sketching with new blooms every day it seems!

And i experimented with some sample Holbein acrylic paints (three colours plus white)and have to say I like them a LOT!

As in the previous month, I am posting a small sample of some of  my work here.

Life Drawing

University of Ottawa - Atelier Denu space - every Thursday
Atomic Rooster - Life Drawing space - Eastern theme for June 2017
Some quick sketches
This sketch included some of the props - yellow rice paper book and teapot.

Urban Sketching

My urban sketch of the Whalesbone restaurant on Elgin St.

Open Doors Ottawa - Urban sketches - My tweet
Fellow Urban Sketcher Suvitha at Doors Open Ottawa
Fellow Urban Sketcher Laura at Doors Open

Fletcher Wildlife Garden quick sketch
Watercolour study - Fletcher Wildlife Garden

Abiwin Garden quick sketch
Plein Air Painting Group - Notre Dame Cemetery - My tweet
Two small 6x6 acrylic paints using Holbein samples (three colours plus white)
Below is the 2017 Art Calendar that I created for 2017. My June painting was of the Boushey's Market on Elgin St. in Ottawa that closed this time last year.

My 2017 Art Calendar June page - Boushey's Fruit Market