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Artists in Canada

In October 2014 Hill Strategies published "A Statistical Profile of Artists and Cultural Workers in Canada" based on 2011 data.

Art Journal Page based on the Statistical Profile of Artists in Canada
Artist: Cindi Moynahan-Foreman

Did You Know?

  • There are 136,600 artists in Canada who spent more time at their art than at any other occupation in May of 2011
  • One in every 129 Canadian workers is an artist.
  • The number of artists (136,600) is slightly higher than the labour force in automotive manufacturing (133,000) 
  • There was a 56% increase in the number of artists in Canada between  1989 and 2013. This is higher than the 38% increase in the overall labour force.
  • Women represent 51% of artists 
  • Average income of artists is 32% lower than other workers ( averages $32,800)
  • Female artists earn much less than their male counterparts
  • Aboriginal and visible minority artists have particularly low earnings.
  • Nunavut’s X0A region is the most creative rural area in Canada. 

Artists in Ottawa (2006)

Individually, the five cities in this study (Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver) have the largest number of artists of all Canadian municipalities. Toronto has the largest number of artists (22,300), followed by Montreal (13,400), Vancouver (8,200), Calgary (5,100) and Ottawa (4,600).

  •  About one in  every twelve Ontario artists resides in the City of Ottawa (4,600, or 8%). 
  • The K1M neighbourhood ranked #1 in concentration of artists (Only in Ottawa did the top-ranked neighbourhood in 2001 remained top-ranked in 2006)
  • Ottawa and Calgary have a  higher percentage of female artists and a higher earnings gap between artists and all local  workers

More Links about Artists in Canada

NB Because of the Harper government's major changes to the data collection methodology between 
the 2006 census and the 2011  National Household Survey, 
data in the 2014 report are not comparable to data in  previous reports in the Statistical Insights on the Arts series.

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