Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Happy New Year and Happy New Directions!

There was insufficient time to post any news to my art blog in December 2018 for good reason.
Let me explain.

So happy that my painting " The Last Portage - Heading Home" sold with all proceeds going to support CPAWS-OV

I participated in three group exhibitions at the end of 2018:
Preparing my ink sketches for the "Seven Days in Inktober" Exhibition

I was invited to submit a proposal for an exciting teaching opportunity this summer (July 2019) and I worked to create some documents outlining the workshop learning goals, basic supply lists, etc.
Some pages from my 2019 workshop proposal
I also created my annual calendar that I send to my family for Christmas with some of my 2018 artwork.

My 2019 Art Calendar
New Year & Some New Directions

For 2019, I have a number of new and exciting plans already underway:
I also plan to blog more regularly and share links
to any new and exciting art inspiration that I read, hear, watch or see.
Here is my January 2019 installment of Inspiration Links

Art Inspiration that I have read
Playing with the FREE online background remover tool

Art Inspiration that I have heard
Art Inspiration that I have watched/seen
Mural on Bank Street (at Lewis)
Jerry Saltz's "How To Be An Artist - 33 Rules"

In 2019, I hope that your art takes you in new an exciting directions. Perhaps we could all give Jerry Saltz's 33 Rules (aka "Lessons") a try (and let me know what you think of them)

Checked off Jerry Saltz's Lesson 25: "Learn to Deal With Rejection"
I was surprised that my 8x8 "Frida Kahlo" did NOT sell at the Ottawa School of Art "8x8 Fundraiser"
Step One: You Are a Total Amateur
  • Lesson 1: Don’t Be Embarrassed
  • Lesson 2: “Tell your own story and you will be interesting.” — Louise Bourgeois
  • Lesson 3: Feel Free to Imitate
  • Lesson 4: Art Is Not About Understanding. Or Mastery.
  • Lesson 5: Work, Work, Work
Step Two: How to Actually Begin - An instruction manual for the studio
  • Lesson 6: Start With a Pencil
  • Lesson 7: Develop Forms of Practice
  • Lesson 8: Now, Redefine Skill
  • Lesson 9: “Embed thought in material.” — Roberta Smith
  • Lesson 10: Find Your Own Voice
  • Lesson 11: Listen to the Crazy Voices in Your Head
  • Lesson 12: Know What You Hate
  • Lesson 13: Scavenge
Step Three: Learn How to Think Like an Artist - This is the fun part.
  • Lesson 14: Compare Cats and Dogs
  • Lesson 15: Understand That Art Is Not Just for Looking At
  • Lesson 16: Learn the Difference Between Subject Matter and Content
  • Lesson 17: See As Much As You Can
  • Lesson 18: All Art Is Identity Art!
  • Lesson 19: All Art Was Once Contemporary Art
Step Four: Enter the Art World - A guide to the snake pit.
  • Lesson 20: Accept That You Will Likely Be Poor
  • Lesson 21: Define Success
  • Lesson 22: It Takes Only a Few People to Make a Career
  • Lesson 23: Learn to Write
Step Five: Survive the Art World - Psychic strategies for dealing with the ugliness (inside and out).
  • Lesson 24: Artists Must Be Vampires
  • Lesson 25: Learn to Deal With Rejection
  • Lesson 26: Make an Enemy of Envy
  • Lesson 27: Having a Family Is Fine
Step Six: Attain Galactic Brain
  • Lesson 28: What You Don’t Like Is As Important As What You Do Like
  • Lesson 29: Art Is a Form of Knowing Yourself
  • Lesson 30: “Artists do not own the meaning of their work.” — Roberta Smith
  • Lesson 31: All Art Is Subjective
  • Lesson 32: You Must Prize Vulnerability
  • Lesson 33: Be Delusional