Friday, December 18, 2015

Monet and Sketching at the National Gallery of Canada

The Ottawa urban sketchers met at the National Gallery Thursday night, but I headed over an hour early to sneak in a visit of the Monet Exhibit: "A Bridge To Modernity" and loved it!

The paintings were familiar to me but there's nothing like seeing them up close! I found the Argenteuil palette sombre and interesting. What I love most are his landscapes with yellows and blues.

There were interesting activities to do such as a room with a large screen and a film running of a bridge with running water that you could sit and paint on an iPad (provided). Another activity was a photo area where you could dress up and use props to appear on a postcard of the bridge that Monet painted. I couldn't resist and took this fun little picture of myself:

Monet: A Bridge to Modernity exhibit: photo area
It was really challenging to sketch at the museum under the rules of "pencils only" and "NO erasers", but I managed to get four sketches done in just over two hours: a  Lalibert√© statue (below), Reid's piano, a chapel statue, and the giant Christmas tree in the grand hall.

My coloured pencil sketch of sculpture "Jeunes indiens chassant "
by Alfred Lalibert√© (19 May 1878 - 13 January 1953) 
He was a Canadian sculptor and painter based in Montreal.
His output includes more than 900 sculptures

Many fellow urban sketchers sent their regrets by text or on social media - it's a busy time of year - we understand. We still had wonderful attendance despite the seasonal challenges with some great familiar faces and some new folks too! I love that!

Ottawa Urban Sketchers


  1. By their expressions, you can tell that everyone enjoyed the evening!

    1. It's not an easy time of year to go o a sketch event - the folks that made it seemed to like it a lot! Can't wait for the next one!