Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Daily Sketch: The Silver Rose

I love this little building at 196 O'Connor and I have been itching to sketch it in my art journal. It is always polished and beautiful every time I walk past but at Christmas time it is most lovely.

The house is now a flower shop called The Silver Rose http://www.thesilverrose.com/about.htm

The history on the door says Jon B. Lewis built this house in 1873.

By 1996, the house had only changed owners three times in 120 years!! When florist Gerald R. Arial purchased it, it was in serious disrepair and he chose to lovingly restore it back to life maintaining its original victorian charm. He completed his work in 2007. What a beauty it is!

Initial sketch

I sketched the house in graphite first and then I used watercolour (6 colours: Winsor red (PR 254) and Winsor blue, Winsor lemon (PY175), DS burgundy yellow ochre, (PY43) Payne's Gray and Viridian Green (PG 7)), ink and a white gel pen.

My initial sketch included the large side gate, but I cropped it out (above) because I am not sure it helps the sketch? Here it is in full below.

Final sketch

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