Sunday, August 16, 2015

Ottawa Street Gourmet

I am so happy when folks like my sketches. 

I was waiting at the corner of O'Connor & Albert to meet my nephew for lunch and it was one of the hottest days of the summer. I started waching the folks on the Ottawa Street Gourmet food truck serving food and I couldn't imagine how incredibly hot they must have been inside the truck as I watched drenched in sweat from a shaded place on the sidewalk.

They were so cheerful and happy despite the oppressive heat. I was truly impressed!

I was ten minutes early for my lunch meeting with my nephew so I pulled out my sketch book and did a quick ten minute sketch and tweeted it later to their twitter (@streatottawa) later.

Well, they liked the sketch and asked if they could use it. Of course I said yes! I am truly honoured.

Here it is as a banner on their twitter page:

Twitter Page of Ottawa Street Gourmet

There is a heat advisory in effect for Ottawa on Monday August 17 and I was thinking about these great folks out there in the oppressive heat again! I have been advised that unfortunately the truck is in the shop for repairs but fortunately that means that they will be staying cool on Monday!

Then they'll back on Tuesday at the corner of Albert and O'Connor Monday to Friday from 11:30 until 2:00. Their food is locally sourced & inspired and the menu changes daily. Check out their website: StreetOttawa

Where are you eating lunch today? Head over to Albert and O'Connor and tell them Cindi sent you.

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