Thursday, August 13, 2015

Alley Project Week 8

My art journal with  my three sketches
For Week 8 of the Alley Project the weather was beautiful and there was a great turnout of sketchers with some new folks. The location was Bank and Sunnyside and the alleys were wonderful. The alleys were filled with great colours, great mural art and grafitti and lots of greenery.

I loved the way the sun setting in the west was lighting the alley.

The alley "walk through"

My twitter collage

My second sketch: ink and wash

Lots of greenery at this end of the alley

Door reads: "Probably Bad Guys"

My first sketch: Loved the red fence with the green oak tree

As we were getting ready to leave, two dogs on a rooftop starting barking at us until we all started taking their pictures. Then they started wagging! It was a great finish to a great night.

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