Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Alley Project Week 9

For Week 9 of the Alley Project the location was in behind Barrymore's and included the alleyways that run from Gilmour to Somerset St West.

I chose the space above for my first sketch. It had just finished raining and the pavement was still damp.

First graphite wash sketch

These alleyways were familiar to me. I have walked them many times and I previously sketched one of the facades (below) and blogged about experimenting with printmaking using styrofoam relief methods.

July sketch 
There is something quite beautiful about this view (above) and I particularly liked how you could see through the rear door all the way to the front at Bank Street. I think it is one of my favourite spots.

My next sketch (below) of the back of Foster's Sport Centre was another quick black & white using the General's Sketch & Wash #588

Foster's Sports Centre
The clouds were incredible as I packed up my gear to move to my next location towards the back of the demolished Duke of Somerset building. I had to take a picture!

Incredible clouds
My art journal page

McLaren & Bank
Back of Somerset House

The back of the Somerset House (or Duke of Somerset) is beautiful and sad at the same time. The Duke of Somerset building has sat empty since 2007, the same year it partially collapsed.

Ottawa’s heritage committee approved renovation plans in October 2013 that would see part of the building restored and part replaced with glass but there were no signs that anything has changed at all.

I couldn't help but wonder as I was sketching, whatever happened to the beautiful mural  that was painted in 1991 by American artist Robert Dafford. ( ) that was at the back of the building? (Robin Kelsey wondered the same thing back in 2007 and you can read about it here:

Only a small section of it could still be seen from where I was sketching.

It was a great night of clouds and sketching alleys and reflecting. I am really enjoying this Alley Project and so grateful to be part of this great group of folks.

Alley Project Week 10 is scheduled for the market laneways and alleyways and I won't be available but I am looking forward to week 11.

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