Monday, June 8, 2015

The History of Plein Air Painting

I was delighted to find a plein air painting video (embedded below) online today. It tells the history of plein air painting in forty minutes. The documentary focuses in large part on America plein air artists and I especially enjoyed the history of the Hudson River School.

I will devote an entire blog post to the historic Canadian plein air artists at a later date.

"Outside The Lines" narrator Walter Fari says, "What started a hundred years ago when men and a few women took their easels outdoors to paint has turned into a huge world wide movement today."

Quote from Plein Air documentary

Enjoy this inspiring documentary on plein air painting. (From the Publisher's of PleinAir Magazine.)

Ottawa Plein Air Painting - Summer 2015

I have been bitten by the "plein air painting" bug. I love that plein air painting takes me outdoors for hours at a time and that my painting skills are challenged. I love that you must paint very quickly to catch the light.

Me carrying my plein air gear last fall
(Source: Top blog posts from 2014

My Plein Air Teachers

I have been blessed with the amazing generosity of some great plein air painting teachers in my life:

I have registered for my first ever "Plein Air Paint Out" this August (2015) and I am both nervous and excited.

Links from the video worth visiting:

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