Friday, June 26, 2015

FemArt Friday: Miriam Schapiro (1923–2015)

Miriam Schapiro, Canadian-born American painter and pioneer of feminist art, died June 20, 2015.

Miriam Schapiro (1923–2015)
Photo source: Hyperallergic
"Miriam Schapiro was born on November 15, 1923, in Toronto, Canada. Her artistic training began at age six when her father gave her weekly drawing assignments. She attended classes at the Museum of Modern Art and learned to draw from the nude model at age 14, when she attended Federal Art Project classes. She received both her undergraduate (1945) and graduate (1946, 1949) degrees in art from the University of Iowa, where she studied printmaking with Mauricio Lasansky. While at the university, Schapiro met and married fellow artist Paul Brach. They moved to New York in 1951, when Abstract Expressionism was exerting a powerful influence. Schapiro's Cubist-derived style was transformed by that influence, leading her into a series of painterly, calligraphic figural and landscape works. Known as one of the "second generation" Abstract Expressionists, she began to show at the Andre Emmerich Gallery in 1958. " (Source: Your Dictionary)

The “Shrine for Two Paint Tubes” 1962

Photo found at Brooklyn Museum

“Curtains” 1972, (Miriam's first femmage)

Curtains image found on Pinterest

Femmage: "An Invented Word"

Miriam began to layer “femmages,” a term she coined, as a “container for her feelings.” In these works she incorporated the female icons, the apron, doilies, curtains, hearts, the fans, the house and more.

From Melissa Meyer Studio

From Melissa Meyer Studio
Miriam Shapiro In Her Long Island StudioPhotographed by Gordon M. Grant for the New York Times




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