Wednesday, June 10, 2015

FemArt: In Appreciation of Emily Carr (1871–1945)

 Emily Carr in San Francisco,
(age 21 or 22, c1893.)
Photograph:Royal BC Museum, BC Archives
While researching 1945 newspaper archives online today, I came across this lovely article about Emily Carr in the Windsor Daily Star. She had passed on earlier in the month of March and writer Valerie Conde paid her tribute.

"Canadian culture suffered a serious blow this month in the sudden death of Emily Carr, famous Victoria painter and writer who won belated recognition as one of the Dominion's most original and important artists."

Emily Carr was 73 when she died and it "was not until she was 60 that public opinion began to appreciate the value of her work"

I have gathered pictures of Emily with her beloved pets and animals, two of my favourite Carr paintings,  and I have also included the rest of the 1945 Windsor Star newspaper article below.

Source: The Windsor Daily Star - Mar 24, 1945

Emily Carr raised sheep dogs to make ends meet
Photo Source: The Guardian website
"Prince Pumkin, Lady Loo, Young Jimmy, Adolphus the cat, Kitten, Chipmonk, and parrot & self in garden at 646 Simcoe St., 1918", (Emily Carr and pets), 1918  British Columbia Archives  C-05229

Arbutus Tree c. 1909

 Indian War Canoe (Alert Bay), 1912

Sources & Links

Photo of Emily Carr: Emily Carr House
Emily Carr Quote: Painters Keys

Emily Carr with her Dog, 1930
Source: McMichael Website

Emily Carr is interred in the Ross Bay Cemetery in Victoria

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