Sunday, July 6, 2014

Linocut Printing: "En Pointe"

I spent the weekend working on a new linocut entitled "En Pointe". It took some time making a register that I felt would work. This one is made from a dollar store picture frame and I used popsicle "shims". I really like the way it worked and will use it again in the future for other small prints.

Homemade register using picture frame and popsicle sticks.

I used Speedball water soluble printing inks: yellow (3405), dark yellow (3412), brown (3806) and black (3400).

Speedball Block Printing Inks

In between pulls, I hung the prints on a dollar store drying rack that worked really well. Each rack holds twenty prints.

Drying rack: first pull - yellow

Drying rack: third pull - brown

I was quite ambitious initially. I had cut 100 pieces of Subi (white) block printing paper. My actual number of prints was quickly reduced to 24 (4 proof/testers; 10 discards; 10 final prints)

Next time I print, I would like to try Hosho paper or  Curry's recommended Stonehenge paper.

The final product was ten numbered and signed prints (only seven remaining) which will be available in my Etsy shop. The print below was placed in a pre-cut 8x10 (4.5x6.5) seashell/black double mat by Logan Graphics, Inc.

Linocut print: "En Pointe" (10)
Artist Cynthia Moynahan- Foreman

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