Thursday, July 17, 2014

Artist Russell Stutler: Moleskine Sketching

Quote from the Sketching Forum
My daughter bought me a lovely little moleskin water colour "notebook" (actually a "sketchbook") to tuck into my handbag for sketching.

My unused pocket water colour Moleskin notebook
Confession: I haven't started using it because I love it too much!!

That is all about to change after having read, "Sketching With a Moleskine: Good news for pocket watercolor sketchers" by Russell Stutler.

Artist Russell Stutler talks about the history of Moleskin and the popularity of the "notebooks" with artists.

Sketch done horizontally in Moleskin
Artist: Russell Stutler
He even offers suggestions on how to hold the moleskin for horizontal sketches to make it more stable (below). Be sure to check the flickr group: sketches in vertical format 

How to hold the moleskin notebook
Artist: Russell Stutler
Russell's whole website is worth visiting. He has written a wonderful online book about sketching that is definitely worth a read!

I hope to post some completed sketches from my pocket Moleskin very soon! Thanks for the inspiration Russell!
Russell's Links

Quote from the Sketching Forum

Quote from the Sketching Forum
Quote from the Sketching Forum

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