Thursday, March 31, 2016

My Daily Sketch - Lovely Lily

My daily sketches are really important to me for a number of reasons. They are a permanent record of my journey as an artist over the years and my sketches record everything I love.

"Lovely Lily" in my art journal
(Strathmore500 series - 100% cotton paper)

I have so many art journals filled with my urban sketches created from direct observation or sketches made from photographs that I have taken or found in magazines or online.

Sometimes the daily sketch idea is born from something I heard on the radio, or poetry I have read or an article that inspired me. Often I sketch members of my family. In fact, I sketch family a LOT!

Daily Sketch "Lovely Lily"
(Gouache and watercolour)
This was a family photo posted on Instagram captioned, "When you call her a cat and she insists she is a lion!!! ROAR " I have such love for this sweet child (and her whole family) Of course "Lovely Lily" is today's daily sketch!

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