Sunday, March 13, 2016

Dusting Off My Printmaking Supplies

I love exploring new printmaking techniques and I have blogged before about some of my printmaking adventures.

Last fall I explored monoprinting on a gelliplate at the Ottawa Art School Fair (see my blog post: Print Addiction With Golden Acrylics) and I haven't done any printmaking since!

Lately, I have been feeling the urge to pull out my printing inks and brayers and start on some new printmaking projects. I couldn't decide if I was itching to do a new linocut or play some more with monoprinting? That's when I remembered I had an unopened Stampendous Creative Palette.

My previous printmaking adventures
I really want to explore using monoprinting as a part of  developing some mixed-media art concepts and that's why I bought a Stampendous Creative Palette at Michaels.

The Stampendous Creative Palette promised that I could:
"Create infinite monoprinting backgrounds and patterns with this indispensable mixed media tool. Use with any color media such as acrylic paint, ink, etc. Lightweight, easy clean-up and storage, durable. Easy to follow instructions on the package and instructional videos on the Stampendous YouTube Channel."


"Creative palette" (CP) versus "Gelli Arts" (GP)

Having already "played" with the gelliplate last fall (and really loved it),  I wondered is there any difference between the CP and the GP? Apparently there is:
  • the Creative Palette cannot do everything the Gelli Plate can do. The packing tape technique is one thing that comes to mind immediately. It does, however, work beautifully with stencils....Stencils create amazing effects on the CP with the use of a foam roller brayer or sponge daubers.
  • the Creative Palette is a firm, lightweight, flexible surface. It can be lifted and brought to the surface easily, like a stamp.
  • the Creative Palette may be stored in any position, in or out of it's secure, snap-shut case. Other monoprinting surfaces must be stored flat

CraftTestDummies did a video demonstrating some of the differences here

I plan to do some print concept sketches over the next few days and then pull out my inks and brayers and get started. I definitely want to try at least one project on my unused Creative Palette. Stay tuned for some more of my printmaking posts over the next few weeks. 



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    1. Working on some still life paintings right now and just brought home some beautiful red tulips that just might become a print - thanks for posting a comment!!!