Friday, September 11, 2015

My Sketchbooks Come in Many Sizes

Various sizes of sketchbooks that I used over the years
Today's post was inspired by one of my favourite sketchers Teoh Yi Chie (known online as Parka Blogs)

Teoh Yi Chie (aka Parka Blogs)
Parka writes about art related stuff, reviews of art books that he reads and collects and he also produces videos. The video that inspired this blog post was called "Drawing in Sketchbooks of Different Sizes"

The best part about watching Teoh Yi Chie's videos (other than learning new things about sketching) is the opportunity to see his beautiful sketches from around the world.

Over the years I have used sketchbooks of various sizes. I like to be able to tuck it into a handbag, tote or backpack and it needs to have paper that can handle a lot of water. (I have written before about how I was forced to abandon a sketchbook because the paper was so bad)

I recently purchased an A3 sketching journal for the first time and I am not sure how practical that is (harder to carry around) but I will enjoy experimenting with it this fall.

My sketchbooks
Various sizes of sketchbooks that I used over the years
I was waiting for my daughter at the University of Ottawa and was sitting in the parking lot looking at this row of interesting buildings.

View from University of Ottawa parking lot
I always carry a little orange sketchbook in my tiny handbag for making quick sketches. I love this little sketchbook (the size and paper quality) and have never found it again in any shop sadly.

My tiny orange sketchbook
Here is the sketch I managed in twenty minutes:

20 minute sketch in parking lot
Teoh Yi Chie's video reinforces the fact that your mindset needs to adjust to yor subject based on the size of your sketchbook. 
  • The smaller the sketchbook - the quicker the sketch.
  • The larger the sketchbook -the more the detail.
Smaller sketchbooks require you to simplify and not fuss over the details of your subject. Just what is needed if you find yourself waiting in a parking lot. And that can be both liberating and fun.

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