Saturday, September 19, 2015

"Forgotten Spaces" at Chinatown Remixed!

The summer 2015 Ottawa Alley Project has ended and I miss it already. 

Artist/illustrator Colin White conceptualized the Ottawa "Alley Project" after leading an Ottawa Jane's Walk called "Illustrating Change on Bank St." with Liam Mooney.

Throughout the summer, a group of artists, illustrators and urban sketchers explored and sketched many of the alleyways in Ottawa. This has culminated in a show on Saturday September 19, 2015 as part of Chinatown Remixed on Somerset Street West entitled "Forgotten Spaces"

Here are some photographs from the show "Forgotten Spaces" that was held appropriately in Ottawa's Chinatown in a small alley between Monopolatte and the Spa building during the annual Chinatown Remixed. (#9 on the map)

Wheatpasting art for Chinatown Remixed "Forgotten Spaces" venue
"Forgotten Spaces"

Folks enjoying the sketches

Colin White - "Forgotten Spaces" creator

I have been blessed to meet the following amazing Ottawa artists (and many others) this past summer while working on this project:

The Artists
Special edition Chinatown Remixed Phoenix
by artist Kristina Corre of goodthingsottawa. 

Best Instagram (screencapture) from @colinwhite

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