Monday, September 7, 2015

Painting with BIG Brushes

I have been a big fan of Patti Mollica's art for a long time (especially her NYC urban landscape paintings). I recently watched two of her four free Strathmore online classes from a Workshop Series called "Expressive Acrylic Painting".

Strathmore Free Online Workshops

What struck me most about one of the videos that I watched was that she used a 2" flat nylon brush for the entire painting and she did not mix her colours but used them direct from her palette. (Patti used different echniques using many brushes and mixing her own colours in other videos.)

I love this approach and wanted to try it in studio in advance of some fall plein air painting that I am planning for late September and early October. I plan to purchase some big nylon brushes and some of the colours she uses that I did not have (see list below).

(Note: I looked for nylon and/or hog's hair brushes in the Royal & Langnickel 180 page brush catalog which I highly recommend for downloading here:

Patti Mollica's supplies for acrylic painting
Source: Strathmore Workshop pdf
I decided to give the big brush approach to my rooster that was due at the Atomic Rooster in two days.

I worked from a photograph posted by Mr T. in DC on flickr. Mr T wrote, "Rooster (Gallus gallus) at the Bladensburg Waterfront Park, in Prince George's County, MD. The out-of-place male chicken was running free around the park, mainly along the waterfront and by the playground. There weren't any rangers or other park officials around, otherwise I would have mentioned and inquired about the welfare of the chicken. Not sure if he is an escapee from a farm, a released pet, or whatnot. I hope he's OK. Should I call some sort of farm animal rescue organization?"

Rooster at Bladensburg Waterfront Park
by Mr. T in DC on Flickr

Creative Commons
I did not have any large brushes and it was Labour Day Monday so all the stores were closed but I thought I could practice the technique and get started with my 1" brush.

After two hours with a 1" brush
I think I managed to create Patti Mollica's bold and loose feel in my 'two hour rooster' and I'll buy a 2" and 3" nylon flat tomorrow at Wallack's and finish it off.

Patti Mollica's Rooster
Strathmore Free Online Workshop

Strathmore Links

Patti Mollica Links

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