Thursday, September 28, 2017

Hilarious Artist Statement Generator

Thanks to Julie Oakley (, I had great fun this morning playing with a hilarious artist statement generator.

You can give it a try here: (Thanks Jasper Rigole)


Here is my artist statement based on the generator:

Cindi Moynahan-Foreman

Cindi Moynahan-Foreman (Comox, B.C., Canada) makes paintings and mixed media artworks. By taking daily life as subject matter while commenting on the everyday aesthetic of middle class values, Moynahan-Foreman often creates work using creative game tactics, but these are never permissive. Play is a serious matter: during the game, different rules apply than in everyday life and even everyday objects undergo transubstantiation.

Her paintings are characterised by the use of everyday objects in an atmosphere of middleclass mentality in which recognition plays an important role. Cindi Moynahan-Foreman currently lives and works in Ottawa, Ontario.


  1. This is brilliant. :)
    Jason's works sometimes radiate a cold and latent violence. At times, disconcerting beauty emerges. Moments are depicted that only exist to punctuate the human drama in order to clarify our existence and to find poetic meaning in everyday life.

  2. ROFL - it truly is brilliant! Loved it and thanks for sharing!