Thursday, March 9, 2017

Drawing At The Rooster: Tea Party

Tuesday night I attended the monthly "Drawing at the Rooster" (DATR) event in Ottawa at the Atomic Rooster on Bank St. This open and free event is hosted every month by two Ottawa area artists, Peter Purdy and Rebecca Gilman.
"Drawing at the Rooster is a monthly life drawing event. There are multiple live models (clothed/costumed) that will do a variety of short and long poses. 

Each event has a different theme! Drawing at the Rooster is a no cover event, and is a creative, non-judgmental environment where artists of all skill levels will have an opportunity to practice their life drawing skills.  (Source: DATR facebook)

The evening started at 7 pm with the models Rhapsody (as "The Rabbit") and Carmen (as "Alice") doing quick, short poses leading up to fifteen and twenty minute poses by the end of the night (at 10pm).

Model Rhapsody as "The Rabbit"

Model Carmen as "Alice"

I tried something entirely different this month and used toned paper, graphite, gouache and water colour.

Pasted toned-paper sketches into my sketchbook

20 minute pose: Rhapsody as "The Rabbit"

20 minute pose: Rhapsody as "The Rabbit"
15 minute pose: Rhapsody as "The Rabbit"
I liked the mixed-media process but, if I were to do it again, I wouldn't use titanium white. It was harsh and I needed to soften it later. I would try zinc white gouche next time. Also the toned paper was lovely but the paper I used buckled quite a bit. (Scans of my sketches were quite wrinkled and so I am posting photos instead).

GREAT News! A NEW Life Drawing Venue

Ottawa artist Kat MacGregs was at the Art House Cafe / Urban Sketching event on Wednesday night and wants everyone to know about a new Life Drawing event at the Art House Cafe.

Kat wrote:

You are invited to join open life drawing sessions hosted at The Art House Café. This public event encourages those of all skill levels to come try their hand at sketching semi clothed models. Evening poses consist of 5x 1 minute, 5x 2 minute, 4x 5 minute, 2x 10 minute, 2x 20minute, and 1x 45 minute.

The Café will be open to provide beverages and snacks.
Event starts at 7:00pm ending at 10:00pm, with a single break in between.

Limited drawing utensils available, easels available for rent ($2).

We welcome those of all orientations, ethnicity, ages, sizes, skin colour, genders, etc.

All drawing sessions are hosted on unceded Algonquin territory.

Here's a link to our Group Page:

And our First event can be found here:

I plan to attend the inaugural session on March 28 - sounds like it will be great!

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