Thursday, February 11, 2016

Urban Sketching at the Carleton Tavern

On February 10, 2016, Ottawa urban sketchers gathered at Carleton Tavern for a night of sketching

"The Carleton" sketch above by artist Colin White
My first sketch of the night capturing Ottawa urban sketchers Laurie, Colin and Derek.

For me, it really adds to my sketching pleasure when I know a little bit about the story of the place that I am sketching or something about the people that inhabit(ed) the place.

I researched online before sketching at the tavern to see what I could find out.

The Carleton Tavern History

1948 Fire Insurance Plan of Ottawa
shows the Carleton Tavern with its original and expanded structure.

"In 1935, after five years of operating the confectionery, 75-year-old Thomas Moran extensively renovated the house at 223 Armstrong, and opened that fall as the Carleton Hotel…" (Source: Ottawa Valley Irish: Carleton Tavern history)
"On February 26 1941, Moran sold the Carleton Hotel to Harold Starr and Harry Viau, for the sale price of $10,500. Starr was a popular Ottawa sportsman, having played for both the Rough Riders and the original Ottawa Senators in the NHL. Viau was a former barber who grew up in a hotelkeeper family."  (Source: Kitchissippi Times)

"Through its 80 years, little has changed at the Carleton Tavern, and that’s just how its many loyal patrons like it. It is a trip back into time, an experience that has fortunately been preserved in Kitchissippi, and one hopes will continue for many more years to come."  (Source: Kitchissippi Times)
Later in the evening I sketched the folks at two tables nearby

According to Apt613"The tavern has grown into a haven for artists and musicians alike, offering up something for everyone from live entertainment on weekends, to writing/poetry workshops, JazzWorks jams, participatory singing with the 613 Casual Choir, and even theatre productions put on by Chamber Theatre Hintonburg. A large room on the second floor, which was once a series of rooms for rent, was remodelled to house dart leagues and private parties of every occasion. The room is free for use and licensed for 95 people."

February 10, 2016

About twenty urban sketchers stopped over at the Carleton Tavern on the chilly, snowy night of February 10. The staff were welcoming and the place really filled up as the night went on.

To see some of the sketches that some of the other urban sketchers shared, visit our facebook event page (click here) or our facebook group page (click here)

Here are a few of my sketches for the night:

Page 1 of 3 pages of sketches from our night at the Carleton Tavern.

This poster was next o the exit.
It asks, "How will you spend your last 10 years?
In answer to the question on the poster hanging at the Carleton Tavern exit, "How will you spend your last 10 years?" my answer is, ".......hopefully with a sketchbook and pencil in my hands".


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