Saturday, July 18, 2015

Centretown Parking Huts

When I moved to Ottawa in 2002 I was struck by the number of parking huts in Centretown. Not only the parking huts, I also became familiar with a number of the parking attendants.

One parking atendant that I waved to every day was rumoured to have been a mathematics professor at the University of Ottawa.

Lot #1 - Gilmour
I decided to devote a blog post to some of the familiar parking huts in my neighbourhood. They are "manned" from Monday to Friday and I set out with my sketching stool to sketch them and learned quickly that not every parking attendant wanted to be featured in my sketches so I photographed the huts instead and photographed the willing parking attendants to sketch later.

Lot #2 - Dominion Chalmers

I use the term "parking hut" and some folks call them "parking booths". The word hut seems more appropriate because the folks sit in these structures through all the seasons. Seems to me that they are more than a "booth" to get a parking pass.

Lot #3 - Nepean

Lot #4 - Somerset St West

I am not the only one who finds parking huts interesting. Here are some more interesting links from Detroit:

An iPhone picture of
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