Friday, January 9, 2015

A Fresh Art Journal for 2015

Old 2008-2014 art journals
Art journals are important to me . I wrote previously, that my art journals "are a type of diary. Looking back over old art journals has the same effect as watching old home movies. I experience a great deal of nostalgic joy."

I use my art journals to capture events in my life; experiment with mediums, colours, techniques and styles; plan future art projects and sometimes just to play around.

I made the switch from various standard art journals (above) to the Strathmore Mixed Media 500 series and loved the results so much that I am now starting Strathmore #3 in this new year.

Newest 2014 Strathmore art journals 
My Ex Libris first page
always features a sketch of me with Lexie

I previously recorded a video of my first completed Strathmore art journal (22 Mar-16 Aug 2014) and have decided to do it again (just for fun) with my completed Strathmore #2 (22 Aug- 31 Dec 2014).


2014: Strathmore Art Journal #2 from Cindi Foreman on Vimeo.

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