Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My Top 5 Moynahan Studio blog posts for 2014

In May 2014, I started the Moynahan Studio blog to feature some of my sketches and art work, to connect with other artists, grow as an artist and explore information about other artists and techniques.

In total, I created 54 blog posts in 2014.

So blessed am I - my 2014 Plein air painting spot
(my french easel and painting supplies)

The following were my top 5 visited blog posts according to google analytics:
  1. Strathmore Mixed Media Art Journal (posted May 18, 2014)  I have to admit to being slightly surprised that this was my most visited post. When I saw this page come up in my statistics, I thought initially that it was referring to the video of my completed Strathmore Mixed Media Art Journal . That video was top in visits in my flickr photostream
  2. Friday #FemArt: Alma Duncan (1917-2004) (posted Nov 28, 2014)  I was so happy that this post ranked #2. I developed the #FemArt hashtag because I was seeking to learn from other women artists. #FemArt posts originated with a post on Artist Louise Bourgeois Louise Bourgeois on Mapplethorpe and after my first blog post - I was hooked! It became an #ArtistDate as well
  3. Artists in Canada (posted Oct 17, 2014)  Hill Strategies actually promoted this blog post and my artwork on social media so this was no surprise when it showed up as #3.
  4. Killbear Mixed Media Collage (posted Oct 9, 2014) I cannot even begin to express the happiness that I feel about these last two "Top 5" blog posts. Both feature artwork that I created that was well out of my comfort zone. (Note: For the record My abstract "She Who Hesitates" would represent the farthest outside my comfort zone!!) In some ways The Killbear Collage started as a complete and utter failure from my plein air painting retreat. But in every stage of trying to salvage it, I learned some valuable lessons.
  5. Linocut Printing: "En Pointe" (posted Jul 6, 2014) I had created a few linocuts in 2014 but none were motivated by such love as I felt for this one. My daughter had purchased her pointe shoes in January 2014 and by July 2014 I witnessed her dancing en pointe at her summer recital. To commemorate this beautiful event, I produced a small run (10) of 4 colour prints.
The 5 top countries visiting my Moynahan studio blog were:
  1. Canada
  2. United States
  3. France
  4. United Kingdom 
  5. Germany 

*Some 2014 Highlights*
I am eternally grateful to Wilson Street Studios for their great and serendipitous gift in 2014
and for the time spent in community with so many other amazing artists.
(P.S. "serendipity" was my word for 2014)
Composite of journal sketches from time
spent with other artists.
I was honoured when Vrtucar fell in love with one of my journal sketches that I had shared on twitter!

Journal sketch - my vrtucar

I had daily inspiration for my Centretown paintings and sketches
thanks to my many walks with my beloved lab Lexie.
"Centretown Laundry"

"Cooper Street Colours"

"Lexie Walks"

2015: My best is yet to come!

Plein air painting - feeling blessed!

Thank you for visiting my blog
and may 2015 be an inspiring and creative time
for us all!
My lab Lexie and me sketching on the patio
(Summer 2014)

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