Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Summer Plein Air Tuesdays: 3/6

The vrtucar ready to be loaded with art supplies

Our location was the shady park on the Rideau River opposite Billings Bridge Shopping Plaza.

Google map of painting location
The park had ample parking, plenty of shade and there was a pathway along the Rideau River where everyone in the group set up their easels.

We all faced Clifford Allen Island from various vantage points and we were entertained by the many birds, ducks, geese and gulls while we painted.

First painting 
I decided to do a small painting to start and I focussed on a beautiful tree that sloped out over the river. The rocks on the shore had interesting shapes and colours.

For my second painting I wanted to have water in the foreground. The water was shallow and an interesting shade of blue-green-burnt umber. My composition featured horizontal tree trunks in the middle ground that sat on a small sandbar that jutted out from Clifford Allen Island.

My second painting (incomplete)
Both paintings need some sprucing up at home. 

Painting number one (below) was a small piece ( 5x 7) and only took one hour. I love the colours (blue-orange-burnt umber) but the quick and loose style that I was using meant that the upper left section could use some more attention.

Painting number one needing a litttle more attention
Painting number two (below) was a larger piece ( 8x12 ) and took three hours. This painting also needs more attention. It was slightly damaged in transport (wet paint) which needs fixing. 
In addition to the repair, the background and foreground need some adjusting .

I was happy with the middle ground though - the horizontal trees, the shoreline along the sandbar.

Middle ground detail

I would like to add some of the geese and gulls that came and went as I painted.

Geese and ducks visited and left over the three hours

Would like to add some geese and ducks here
A gull on the large rock.
My reference photo
I took a reference photo at the end of the session so that I would be able to touch up my painting.

The plein air group reviewing potential locations for our next session.
Looking forward to the next session. 
Through consensus we agreed to paint at the Experimental Farm next.

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