Monday, August 1, 2016

Daily Sketch: R.I.P. Boushey's Fruit Market

Boushey's Fruit Market (1946-2016)
It's official. The Boushey's Fruit Market at 347 Elgin St. in Ottawa is officially closed forever as of July 31st

Mark Boushey said,
"It's bittersweet. We realize how iconic it is, but it's also a tiring job,"
"Everything has a beginning and end. We have to move on."
(Source CBC)

I am embarrassed to admit that I have always pronounced the store name as "Boo-shey's" and it took the news reports of the store's closing to learn that the owners pronounce it as "Bow-shey's".

When I walked by on July 31st, folks were signing a piece of bristol board with messages of thanks and best wishes - the neighbourhood loved Boushey's! (See: CBC

Trevor Pritchard tweet
My sketch was done when the store was almost completely empty and any merchandise that was left was being sold at 50% off.
My full sketch (watercolour)
Wishing the owners and the workers the very best in their future endeavors. And thanks for being there for so many years!

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