Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Inspiration Tuesday: How To Stay Creative by *Hogret*

I found this "Journal Entry: Fri Jun 1, 2012" posted on Deviant Art by an artist known as *Hogret* or Margaret from South Africa) and her assemblage "Creative Tip No. 13" (below) really spoke to me this morning:

by Hogret Assemblage / shadow box 10 x 18 cm

Old dominoes tin, paper, vintage photos, acrylic glazes, washi tape, washi paper, poured resin base, tiny vintage brass cup, wings milagro, torch lightbulb, mica sheet, filing cabinet hardware, brads. Figure mounted 3D on sewing machine bobbins and a popsicle stick to create the shelf.

There is a lot of inspiration packed into her art and her online Deviant Art journal 

I copied her list of "How To Stay Creative" and highlight the ones I practice regularly in my own daily creative practice:

  1. Make lists
  2. Carry a notebook everywhere
  3. Get away from the computer
  4. Quit beating yourself up
  5. Take breaks
  6. Sing in the shower
  7. Drink coffee
  8. Know your roots
  9. Ask "What if …?"
  10. Constantly risk absurdity
  11. Listen to new music
  12. Rock the boat
  13. Surround yourself with creative people
  14. Get feedback
  15. Collaborate
  16. Don't give up
  17. Practise, practise, practise
  18. Make mistakes on purpose
  19. Go somewhere new
  20. Watch foreign films
  21. Break the rules
  22. Start a gratitude list
  23. Get lots of rest
  24. Take risks
  25. Write your own myth
  26. Do more of what makes you happy
  27. Don't push the river
  28. Read a page of the dictionary
  29. Stop trying to be someone else's perfect
  30. Got an idea? Write it down
  31. Clean your workspace
  32. Have fun
  33. Learn something new
  34. Create reckless juxtapositions
  35. Make a visual pinboard pinterest.com/
  36. Finish something
  37. Take a walk
  38. Get curious
  39. Don't ask – "What's it for?" "Who will like it?" or "Who will buy it?"
  40. Be kind to yourself
Which ones do you practice on a daily basis? Is anything missing? Which ones would you add?

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  1. Thanks for this article; it's very interesting. Of course, I'm very bad at jotting notes down or keeping lists. Sometimes when I stumble on something I highlighted, I wonder why I didn't act on it. Or when I have one of those uninspiring periods, I wish I had kept a to-do list. Maybe I'll slip one spare sheet inside a sketchbook.

  2. I love lists Michael - when I have an idea for an art project - I jot it down because I know for certain I will forget all about it a month from now!
    Hope to see you out sketching this summer!