Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Daily Painting In June

I am missing my weekly plein air painting group so I thought, in addition to my daily sketches, I would attempt to do a daily painting in June as a way of continuing to practice regularly.

I thought it would be useful to experiment with a new grey formula as part of today's daily painting as well.

I have some favourite "grey formulas" that I have blogged about before (in my "Plein Air Tuesday" blog post and my "My Colour Files: Hookers Green" blog post) but I wanted to try one that I found recently while going through some old manufacturers papers from Golden and Liquitex. (links below)

As an aside, if you haven't visited Golden's online acrylic colour mixer you are missing out on some fun! Do yourself a favour and visit the link here: http://www.goldenpaints.com/mixer

I chose a photograph that I took on the weekend of the boat "Credence" that was traveling through the Rideau canal in Ottawa because I wanted to practice water and it would work nicely with the colour scheme I had decided on

I have been doing my daily paintings on 6x6 Strathmore Acrylic paper linen finish 400 Series.

Below are a number of photos in sequence of the daily painting session. I really just wanted to play and was happy with each of these but decided later to pull out my new inks and see how they would look.

Number One
I actually loved number one (which was done in about one hour) and I could have stopped there but I really wanted to experiment with the water so I lightened the whole thing up to start again below.

Number Two
I thought, once I had lightened it, that it would be fun to add some ink details. I have bought two bottles of Liquitex acrylic ink and love playing with it using my dip pen.

The ink really helped me to define the two folks sitting on the back of the boat, the kayak tied up to the back of the boat, and the name "Credence" but, after I had inked, I really wanted to go back and intensify my colours and darken the waters up to the same levels as I had in umber one!

Number three

Number Four

The last result feels too overworked to me and so I am finished and do not plan to experiment any further. I think that the original captured the feel of the boat in the canal best?

There was something interesting about each one of the other three results as well and I'm not really sure which one I like best at the end of the day.

But the entire point of creating these daily paintings is to experiment and have fun and surprise myself and I certainly achieved all of that and more!


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